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The more ways you can connect with your customers, the more sales and support wins you can achieve. The Brainvire WhatsApp Extension enables you to conveniently communicate with clients via WhatsApp messages in SuiteCRM.

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Reach customers in a way that’s convenient for them: WhatsApp

Developed by Brainvire, the WhatsApp Extension helps your business communicate with clients using WhatsApp messages while working in SuiteCRM. You can integrate with Twilio API to start the WhatsApp message in SuiteCRM.

Features of Brainvire WhatsApp Extension

  • Very easy to integrate
  • User can send WhatsApp messages from SuiteCRM Listview or Detail view
  • It supports multimedia
  • Relationship loaded with the record in the subpanel
  • WhatsApp messages stored as a history in SuiteCRM
  • User can send Whatsapp to more than 1 record at a time using the Mass Whatsapp feature from listview
  • User will get desktop notification for inbound WhatsApp
  • Inbound Whatsapp message will be logged automatically with the parent record
  • User can check the history of chat from the Whatsapp popup
  • User can use a prebuilt template for sending a message
  • The template can be designed module wise and also generic

Before starting with the Twilio Whatsapp extension, the user should have a Twilio account enabled for the Whatsapp service.

How it Works

Admin side configuration:

Upload the Package on Module Loader install_upload.png

Once the Package is Installed add all Twilio Detail in the configuration. Follow the URL below to get the settings information from Twilio:

Screenshot from 2022-04-13 20-36-54.png

After all setting is done. WhatsApp messages can be initiated from the Accounts, Contacts, and Leads module's List view or Detail view.

For Mass WhatsApp:


WhatsaApp Popup comes with the chat history with the record and feature to add text manually or select a predefined template

Screenshot from 2021-05-12 19-01-15.png

Successful Message Alert


User will get alert for Unsuccessful message also

For Inbound Message, the user will get Desktop Notification


Inbound Logged Message


Outbound Looged Message


WhatsApp message logged into SuiteCRM history:


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