Highlevel Overview

Brainvire Infotech has created the Lead Scoring plugin for sales teams, helping SuiteCRM users score leads based on specific conditions and all essential CRM data. With the following features, this solution will help salespeople achieve their targets by focusing on leads that can truly help the business grow.

  • Customized lead scoring
  • Own field selection
  • Score existing and new leads
  • List View visibility
  • Custom field scoring

How it Works

A modern, well-designed lead scoring model can result in improved sales for your business. You can assign point values for leads based on specific actions taken. Some of these actions include the way potential customers communicate, how they engage with other activities, and many other factors that help you:

1) Clearly define each customer’s interest in your brand
2) Understand each customer’s preference when working with your business

Using the Lead Scoring plugin, you can create custom-built scoring rules, use templates, and utilize the best made-to-order models. Regardless of the size of your business, lead scoring capabilities can help to churn better sales cycles and conversions.

You get all the lead module related fields in this setting, including custom fields:

Lead Scoring add-on for SuiteCRM settings

Lead List View provides all the scoring information for each lead, so users can quickly view what records to focus on next in order to bring the most value to the business.

Lead Scoring add-on for SuiteCRM List View

To learn more about this solution, go to Lead Scoring or search for "leads."

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