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Find and Replace Words Across Many Records

Posted by on September 5, 2018

Find and Replace makes it easy and quick to find a word or set of characters and replace with a different word. If you have ever had that need before then you understand the pain and time it takes to do. Now with Find and Replace it takes just a matter of seconds. ‚Äč

Highlevel Overview

The Find and Replace extension enables you to find a specific word and replace it with a different word all from the list view. Run the replace against one record or as many as you would like. No longer do you need to slowly go from record to record to make wholesale changes.

Find and Replace From a List

Find and Replace From a List

There are 2 types of replacements available with Find and Replace:

  • Find any characters from field and replace with other word
  • Find exact word from field and replace with other word


To learn more about this solution go to Find and Replace or search for "replace".

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