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Customize Your SuiteCRM Subpanel Display

Posted by on January 13, 2020

MTS Subpanel Toggle helps SuiteCRM users display or hide subpanels within individual modules. This add-on offers total customization of what subpanels are key to display versus the current subpanel hide feature that acts as a global-only change.

Highlevel Overview

For SuiteCRM users, subpanels are a helpful tool for reviewing related information on records in different modules. However, some subpanel views are not always necessary for your business, depending on the module and what data is key to display. While SuiteCRM currently has an admin configuration to hide subpanels, it's an all-or-nothing change across the platform.

Developed by the team at SuiteCRM Addon, MTS Subpanel Toggle enables users to choose the most important subpanels to display, keeping unnecessary information out of sight.

How it Works

For example, in the Accounts module, you may need hide some subpanels like Contracts and Opportunities for competitors, but you'd want to keep those options displayed for customers. In a few simple steps, you can use MTS Subpanel Toggle to create conditions in the configuration to only display the subpanel information you actually need to view.

Example of the MTS Subpanel Toggle configuration screen:

MTS Subpanel Toggle Add-on for SuiteCRM configuration

Result after using the tool:

MTS Subpanel Toggle Add-on for SuiteCRM results

To learn more about this solution, go to MTS Subpanel Toggle or search for "subpanel."

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