Highlevel Overview

The developers at Helfertech created the Email Sync add-on for SuiteCRM to help users customize their personal email inbox to send, receive, view, and store emails for convenient retrieval and reference at any point in time. This will help SuiteCRM teams avoid manually switching to the email section in order to check emails, plus wasting time retrieving the data due to lack of synchronization.

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Key Features

Email Sync add-on for SuiteCRM helps in synchronizing the specific emails received by the user or customizing the retrieval process to save time and increase productivity.

  • Email synchronization
  • Email history
  • Email report
  • Email tracking
  • Less mailbox dependency
  • Prevent users from losing data
  • Easy to use and access any time

By default, emails will link up with three modules: Accounts, Contacts, and Leads

  • Go to Account module
  • Click on any record
  • Click on the Activity subpanel from the Detail View
  • Click on Compose Email

Email Sync add-on for SuiteCRM

Email Sync add-on for SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution, go to Email Sync or search for "emails."

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