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Personalize your SuiteCRM experience so it’s both unique and more efficient with the new RT Dynamic Wild Berries Theme!

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Go wild for this new SuiteCRM theme

Break the monotony in your business management routine with the new Wild Berries Theme for SuiteCRM. With its easy-to-navigate dashboard and an exciting look, the Wild Berries Theme can help transform your business experience and establish a better customer service relationship.


Easy On The Eyes

With an exceptional design and an attractive color scheme, Wild Berries conveys a modern, simplistic-yet-efficient look. The upgrade from the standard SuiteCRM theme gives a touch of personalization to your CRM. The resulting interface adds life to your work and boosts efficiency.


Better User Experience

The well-organized dashboard allows users to keep a holistic view of their business process, including leads, accounts, and activity. The dashboard lays out all the information in a compact manner, in order to reduce the need for scrolling.


User-Friendly Typography

With great attention to detail, the user-friendly typography adds to the ease of navigating the interface. The clear icons lead users to various modules, without much hassle.

Increased User Adoption

With an exciting outlook, users are more likely to productively use their SuiteCRM platform to meet their business needs. With more users, you can expect more efficient management of your day-to-day affairs.

Free 30-day Trial

You can try the Wild Berries Theme plugin for free for upto 30 days. Click on the Free Trial button at the top to start.

Wild Berries Documents

To learn how to set up the theme on your SuiteCRM instance, please see the Wild Berries Theme User Guide .

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Find out about the other SuiteCRM themes RT Dynamic has to offer on our website. RT Dynamic provides themes as well as other customizable SuiteCRM solutions for businesses.

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