The Advanced Audit Log add-on goes beyond standard SuiteCRM auditing, enabling you to audit field values as well as the relationship log or history.

Highlevel Overview

The existing SuiteCRM auditing feature shows information about changes in the field values, which is helpful when referring to historical changes. With Advanced Audit Log by Urdhva Tech, you can audit both the fields and relationship. This solution delivers more complete information, from field history tracking to relational data changes, plus an option to export the audit log.

How it Works

This solution empowers SuiteCRM users with a more interactive method to manipulate information. If your module is enabled for the audit, you will see a button in Detail View of the module called "View Audit Log." Click on the button to open a dialog box with detailed information about the changed fields and relationship, whether it is added or deleted.

View Sequence of Actions

SuiteCRM Advanced audit log

Advanced Audit Log Filters

SuiteCRM Advanced audit log filter option


  • Filter audit log based on fields
  • Filter audit log based on users
  • Filter audit log based on time
  • Export the audit log to CSV file
  • Module’s field history tracking
  • Module's relationship history tracking

To learn more about this solution, go to Advanced Audit Log or search for "auditing."

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