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The integration of SuiteCRM and offers a comprehensive solution for efficient appointment scheduling and customer relationship management. It streamlines processes, enhances engagement, and provides valuable insights, ultimately improving the overall customer experience and the efficiency of your business operations.

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Seamless Sync: Meetings in SuiteCRM

Syncing bookings into SuiteCRM offers a seamless and efficient way to manage your appointments and customer interactions. This integration ensures that every appointment scheduled through is automatically and instantly reflected in your SuiteCRM system, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional service and growing your business.

  • Real-time data synchronization keeps your CRM up to date with the latest booking details, client information, and meeting schedules
  • Streamlined appointment management with a holistic view of customer interactions within SuiteCRM
  • Powerful tool for enhancing customer engagement, automating workflows, and reducing manual administrative tasks

How it Works

Events for syncing bookings into SuiteCRM

  • Meeting Scheduled
  • Meeting Rescheduled
  • Meeting Canceled

When a meeting is scheduled, it will create a Contact or Lead record based on the attendee information as per your selection in the Admin configuration. The system will check for the existence of the attendee's email address in the CRM, and if no record is found, it will create one. Additionally, it will create a Meeting record with information such as start and end dates, along with additional details from the form. When a meeting is canceled, it will update the cancellation reason within the same meeting.

When an attendee schedules a meeting on, it creates records such as Contact/Lead and Meeting in SuiteCRM.


It creates a lead/contact record based on the email address that exists in SuiteCRM and relates to the meeting records.



It creates a meeting record with all the details of the booking. Meeting.png

When someone cancels the meeting, it updates the SuiteCRM meeting record as follows. Cancel.png

SuiteCRM user can see all the meetings on the dashboard that are assigned to him/her.


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