Highlevel Overview

Create stylish and functional menus in SuiteCRM that are more relevant to your team’s needs and match your branding. Variance Infotech developed the Advanced Menu Manager add-on which enables you to choose different menu layouts and designs from the Admin settings – no designer needed!


  • Keep it simple and easy to understand as your team prefers
  • Add your own icons to maintain branding
  • No need to save – design applies instantly

Advanced Menu Manager add-on for SuiteCRM Style

How it Works

SuiteCRM comes with a default menu style, but it often lacks the functionality, visual appeal and customizations that many businesses would prefer. With the Advanced Menu Manager add-on, you can create menu styles that are more meaningful to your business and CRM team’s needs. The best part of this extension is, the moment you select a menu style, it is applied. No need to hit the save button anywhere!

  • Select vertical or horizontal menu options
  • Add your own icons to match your brand
  • Choose formatting to show an icon with text, icons only, or text only
  • Try option to keep expandable/collapsible sub menu
  • Compatible with MYSQL and MSSQL databases

Advanced Menu Manager add-on for SuiteCRM Configuration

Video Overview

To learn more about this solution, go to Advanced Menu Manager or search for "menu."

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