Highlevel Overview

Most businesses using SuiteCRM require multiple levels of approval from decision-makers for certain records and requests. It becomes tedious to filter the records and send them for approval manually. Also, these processes are slow, inefficient, and cause delays due to miscommunications or the amount of records that need to be processed. The Approval Process add-on for SuiteCRM by Urdhva Tech simplifies this task by automating the entire approval process.

How it Works

Approval Process enables a user to approve/reject a record the admin has set by specifying the criteria based on which records will be sent for approval, setting multiple levels of approval, and assigning an approver for each level. You can also set the action(s) to perform on approval and rejection.

SuiteCRM approval record locked

Set up an approval process:

Set up approval process for SuiteCRM

List of approval request:

SuiteCRM approval process list

Respond to the locked record:

SuiteCRM approval process locked record

Approval request email notification:

SuiteCRM approval process email notification

Respond to the approval request:

SuiteCRM Approval Process respond to approval request

To learn more about this solution, go to Approval Process or search for "approvals."

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