I am a big fan of utility add-ons like this one. Being able to log in as any user saves countless hours and allows you to better serve your end users from a support and development perspective. OneClick Sudo Login by iDevIT pays for itself quickly and the additional security bonus of not having to pass around passwords is a huge plus.

Highlevel Overview

Sudo Login (or Masquerade) allows Administrators to log in as any regular user without asking for their password and without disconnecting them. Specially useful for configuring their workspace (filters, reports, dashboard) or to support users (reproduce issues, help them step by step, etc).

It's as easy as 2 steps:

1. Sudo Login Option

From the Home page select the Sudo Login menu item.

Sudo Login Option

2. Select a User

From the popup, select which user you would like to log in as. It's as simple as that.

Select a User

To learn more about this solution go to OneClick Sudo Login or search for "sudo".

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