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Alfresco Content Management & SuiteCRM

Posted by on January 7, 2019

Managing content is a common challenge. When simply using folders just is not cutting it anymore that is when businesses start looking into content management systems. With a robust toolset, these systems typically add versioning support, approval processes, workflow management, governance, and more.

Alfresco is a popular platform that fits into this mold. Here is a high level overview from the Alfresco website:

Alfresco Content Services provides open, flexible, highly scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities. Content is accessible wherever and however you work and easily integrates with your other business applications.

When Alfresco Content Services is combined with the platform’s extensive process services, your content really works for you—and business really flows. Adding context to your content supports better decision making, improves productivity, enhances information governance and makes collaborating inside and outside your organization easier and more secure than ever.

eVolpe has created a SuiteCRM integration for Alfresco that helps give your sales teams the right quotes, contracts, etc when they need it.

Highlevel Overview

The SuiteCRM & Alfresco Integrator by eVolpe was made for all the companies currently deploying or already using both of the systems. Are you facing difficulties trying to coordinate your documentation in the context of sales opportunities? Our connector is the best solution to help you solve that issue.

Access Quotes & More

Upload or pull-in quotes, invoices, contracts, etc all while making sure that only the right users have access to the documents.


Works Much Like a Filesystem


To learn more about this solution go to the Alfresco & SuiteCRM integration or search for "alfresco".

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