Keeping your data updated between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp doesn't have to be a time-wasting nightmare

People often choose Mailchimp because of its drag and drop campaign building tools. Mailchimp makes it easy to send beautiful campaigns without needing to know any code or spend hours designing. Many teams really benefit from being able to send Mailchimp campaigns based on data in SuiteCRM.

Email marketing data syncing with SugarChimp

In the beginning, teams will do this by exporting a report from SuiteCRM and importing it into Mailchimp for each campaign. After a few campaigns, this process can become incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and cluttered not to mention costly as you may begin to maintain multiple audiences with duplicate contacts. Keeping data up to date, but organized, can be a tricky balance to maintain. Thus begins the search to find ways to automate data syncing between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp.

SugarChimp seeks to simplify the struggle of automation between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp by keeping CRM data in sync with Mailchimp data. Here are 4 ways SugarChimp can simplify automating your workflow:

1. Keep Mailchimp up to date with SuiteCRM data

Because SugarChimp maintains continuous sync between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp, you can maintain one up to date audience in Mailchimp, saving you time (and money)! When you maintain an up to date Mailchimp audience, you can use Mailchimp’s segmenting tools to more easily target subscribers based on their interests and record data. With this, you can create and send numerous targeted campaigns, specifically geared to engage subscribers. For example, you could send a campaign about a complimentary product to customers who purchased a product for you in the past or re-engage customers who have canceled in the last 6 months.

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2. Utilize Mailchimp automations based on CRM data updates

SugarChimp, by default, syncs data from SuiteCRM to Mailchimp every 5 minutes. As field changes occur, they’ll be synced to Mailchimp, enabling you to kick off an automation based on changes to the field, such as reaching out when a customer goes from “Active” to “Cancelled” or automating following up with a customer after you demo your product. This enables you to provide the human, personalized touch while minimizing the time required to maintain communication.

SugarChimp automations configuration

3. Feed leads to SuiteCRM automatically

One of the more common frustrations we hear from teams not yet using SugarChimp is that there is a delay in getting leads to their sales teams. Because SugarChimp is a bi-directional sync, added subscribers within your audience can be synced back to SuiteCRM as contacts, targets, or leads. When you utilize a Mailchimp landing page, you can gather interested leads who are added to your audience. SugarChimp allows you to sync those gathered leads directly to SuiteCRM into the hands of your CRM-using sales team.

4. Send custom emails by using Mailchimp merge tags based on SuiteCRM data

Personalizing your campaigns with customer details, or sending personal campaigns like birthday greetings, keep your name in the forefront of your customer’s mind and provide more customized experiences. Finding opportunities to personalize a customer’s experience will increase your ROI and enhance the loyalty of your brand.

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