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The Twilio Call Extension adds incoming call, outgoing call, call logging, call notification, call notes and call recording functionality to your SuiteCRM. Users can make calls directly from SuiteCRM, check previous call history, and enjoy the convenience of call getting automatically logged to records containing matching phone numbers.

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Keep customer calls flowing and more automated, while working in your CRM platform. Twilio Call Extension adds customer calling, logging and recording functionality to SuiteCRM. Users can make calls directly from SuiteCRM, check previous call history, and enjoy the convenience of calls getting automatically logged to records containing matching phone numbers. The Twilio Call Plugin for SuiteCRM provides integration with Twilio's Voice API, allowing users to make and receive phone calls directly from within SuiteCRM.

Make Outbound Calls: Initiate outbound calls directly from SuiteCRM using Twilio's Voice API. Receive Inbound Calls: Receive incoming calls within SuiteCRM and view caller information. Call Logging: Automatically log call details such as call duration, time, and caller information in SuiteCRM. Click-to-Call: Easily call contacts, leads, or any phone number from within SuiteCRM with a single click. Call Recording: Optionally record calls for quality assurance and compliance purposes. Customizable Settings: Configure Twilio account credentials, call handling preferences, and other settings to suit your business needs.

The Twilio Call Plugin enhances SuiteCRM's functionality by seamlessly integrating Twilio's Voice API, enabling users to make, receive, and log calls directly within the CRM environment. Users can leverage the power of Twilio's telephony capabilities to streamline communication processes and improve overall efficiency within their organization.

Twilio Call- Key Features

  1. Users can make calls from SuiteCRM
  2. Calls get logged into SuiteCRM automatically
  3. Relationships get loaded with the record in the call subpanel
  4. All details of the call are added to record along with the recording
  5. Users can play the call recording from SuiteCRM
  6. Users can make calls by entering the phone number in the input field, located at bottom of each page in SuiteCRM
  7. If the number entered into the input field matches a CRM record, then the call will get logged under that record
  8. Calling can be done with multiple Twilio numbers
  9. Single Twilio number can be configured in the user profile to make a call

How Twilio Call Works

Admin side configuration:

Screenshot from 2021-01-08 14-45-34.png

Pass all details related to Twilio Call account:

Screenshot from 2021-01-08 14-47-12.png

For inbound Twilio Call, create TwiML App in Twilio and enter webhook URL

Link for TwiML App

Screenshot from 2021-01-08 14-47-12.jpg

Save Twilio Calling number and SID number of TwiML App for Activated/Enabled user's profile

Screenshot from 2021-01-08 14-49-24.jpg

Phone number format in Twilio Call Extension:

  1. A + (plus) sign (replacing the International Call Prefix like 011)
  2. International Country Calling code
  3. Local Area code
  4. Local Phone number

Twilio Call can be done from List View of Accounts, Contacts, and Leads:

Twilio Call 1.PNG

Click-to-Call pop-up:

Twilio Call 2.PNG

Twilio Call getting logged into SuiteCRM with recording:

Twilio Call 3.PNG

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