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Efficiently send out PandaDoc templates for signature to your CRM accounts by syncing PandaDoc with SuiteCRM.

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Easily get digital signatures using PandaDoc with SuiteCRM

Simplify your e-signature processes with the integration of PandaDoc and SuiteCRM. PandaDoc is one of the most popular e-signature solutions due to its robust feature set and ease of use. With RT PandaDoc, you can send PandaDoc templates for signature to your CRM clients, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Check out the key product features below.

RT PandaDoc Integration for SuiteCRM

Two Way Sync

With RT PandaDoc, your PandaDoc templates are synced to SuiteCRM, making it easier for you to send them to any account that has a contract record associated with it. What's more, you can send the document directly from the CRM via email, without navigating to PandaDoc.

RT PandaDoc Integration for SuiteCRM

Auto-filled Fields

With this integration, once you have correctly set up the templates on PandaDoc, the variable fields are mapped to your CRM such that your target account's information is automatically added to the document when you send it for signature.

RT PandaDoc Integration for SuiteCRM

Document Tracking

With the purpose-built RT PandaDoc module, users can track the signing status of each document packet. Each sent document has multiple revisions saved in the CRM, the first one being unsigned, and the subsequent ones being the signed versions. The document status can change from sent to viewed to completed or declined, depending on the actions of the signer.

RT PandaDoc Integration for SuiteCRM

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