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Login Track helps you track how regularly your staff is logging in to SuiteCRM along with the environment they use.

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Keep track of your team’s SuiteCRM usage

Login Track is a helpful tracking module that sits at the entrance of your SuiteCRM instance monitoring login events. A login audit record is created for each successful attempt.

Features of Login Track

  • Track login/logout date and time
  • Track IP address
  • System usage time
  • Track browser and server information
  • Track OS
  • Track devises information including screen resolution
  • Admin can build reports for the CRM users based on the tracked login activity

How it Works

After installation is complete, follow these next steps:

  • Go to ALL
  • Find Login Track and click it
  • You will see the list of all user logins All.png

Search for the user you want to see login tracking history:

List View.png

By clicking on the user name, Admin will redirect to the Detail View of this user:

List view 2.png

Here the Admin can view basic details like IP address, device, login /Logout time, System Usage Time, Server Info, Browser info, OS, and User-agent


Under the Basic panel, Admin can view the server log of the respective user:

Server info.png

Admin users can view the browser log of the respective user:

Browser info.png




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