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List-view Colors for SuiteCRM is designed to add color to the rows and text on a list for each row. The highlighting is done based on conditions/filters that you define. Great for identifying records that require attention based on specific conditions.

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List-view Colors highlighting is implemented with the consideration of the condition/filter specified. It is helpful to quickly identify the records that need attention, using predefined color codes. Configuration settings allows users to configure colors for each module and specify text, background and active colors.


This extension is customizable and works with latest version of suitecrm.

Here are some of the key features that make our extension unique:

  • list Define Text, Background and active colors
  • list Easy to use configuration settings that allows the configuration of colors for any field
  • list Define the colors based on filters & conditions
  • list Compatible Standard & Custom Filters
  • list Compatible with SuiteCRM Standard & Custom Modules
  • list Module Manager Compatible
  • list Available on SuiteCRM Marketplace

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