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See everything in a single timeline view which helps you to keep track of key business events and gives you the means to specify what exactly constitutes a key business event for your company. Best of all, it works great on all devices. Get even more value by tracking and displaying key business events that matter to your specific business.

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UPDATE FOR V2: customer support is top notch! Highly recommended. This is an essential plugin that behaves with multiple skins and responsive. A must buy!

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Rarely have I encountered feedback and support as quickly and professional as with the team behind this plugin.

They have gone above and beyond and we appreciate their efforts.

This tool is a godsend for us: managers can now at a glance peek into the activity surrounding any record. This will keep my managers busy for hours, and they won't have to call me for support! Just kidding! :)

A very handy and practical tool. This may be in the next version 8 of SuiteCRM but who knows when that will come, and frankly the support I've received is worth every dollar.