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Now you can check your team’s work without disturbing them. Sudo Login for SuiteCRM enables Admin users to log in to any of their team members’ CRM accounts without asking for the credentials or causing disruption to productivity.

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Admins can easily log in to any SuiteCRM account without credentials or disrupting productivity

Sudo Login by Brainvire is an incredibly helpful feature for SuiteCRM Admin users. Once enabled, Admins can log in to any team member’s CRM without knowing the credentials for that user. Using this feature, the current session of any logged-in user will not be affected.

If an Admin user is logging in to the CRM as another regular user, then all the roles, rights, records, reports, and dashboards assigned to that user will now be visible to the Admin. Admin users will adopt all the accessibility of that user without his/her knowledge.

This means Admin users can easily enter and access any other regular user’s workspace. This feature can be used for making changes or updating configuration settings. Admins can also assign tasks in case any user is not working or active in SuiteCRM.

How it Works

Below are the steps for the admin user for accessing the Sudo Login add-on in SuiteCRM:

Go to Admin section.

Screenshot from 2020-09-16 11-35-34.png

Go to User Management.

Screenshot from 2020-09-16 11-37-53.png

Go to the user, from whom you want to log in.

Screenshot from 2020-09-16 11-40-00.png

Go to the menu and click on "Login as User Name."

Screenshot from 2020-09-16 11-42-22.png

Now that the Admin has entered the workspace of the user, Admin can work as a normal user here and can go back to Admin login.

Screenshot from 2020-09-16 11-46-03.png

To logout from the regular user, go to the menu of profile and click on "Logout as User Name."

Screenshot from 2020-09-16 11-46-09.png

After clicking on logout as a user, Admin enters its own workspace.

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