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Need a landing page for your next campaign? A way for your customers to create support cases? Do your sales reps need a way to enter leads? With WebToModule you can create custom webforms for these any many other users. Supports all modules, including custom modules.

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#123 - Edit Record

Closed Feature created by LukeWard 7 years ago


The WebToForm sounds great for capturing new customers into the system. I also require a way to allow customers to edit their own record. So far my only idea is to create users in SuiteCRM for each customer so they can login and edit their record.

Any advice appreciated.

Best Regards


  1. urdhvatech member avatar

    Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    Hello LukeWard,

    Thanks for liking our plugin. WebToModule can help you capturing new customers. You can create Users in SuiteCRM using it, But what i feel is it could be a security concerns if create users of CRM and give them access of CRM. They can get access to the confidential data of your CRM.

    What i feel is you should create Contacts(Customer) using WebToModule and give them access to the Portal, over there you can give them many things to do on there own, like Edit their own record (Edit Profile), Allow them to log a support tickets(Cases), meetings, calls and many more. You may check our portal solution

    You may get in touch with us on Skype: urdhvatech We would do our best to get you the right solution.

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