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This plugins will help you to create a lead from Website. For example you have a website on which you are taking information of visitor. Then through the webhooks we can pass it to SuiteCRM. It will create a new lead in your SuiteCRM.

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#5224 Form URL is working - WebtoLead Form URL is working aprakash Open Bug?
#5223 Form URL is working - Form URL is not working aprakash Open Bug?
#4955 Weblead Form is not loading - Hi, The weblead form when accessed is just a blank page. our suitecrm version is 8.2.4 Plea marketing11 Open Bug?
#4196 Install does not work on 7.12 - Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/JkQOJS/custom/Extension/application/Ext/EntryPointRegistry/vrt_we run242 Closed Bug?
#3773 Contact - Hi, I request a demo last week and didn't get any feedback about it. I need an example/tutorial o gugafrullani Closed General Question
#3525 I what? - Hello, I install but now what? How I need to generate form to copy and paste in my website? caygri Closed Installation
#3428 POST data not being filled, creating a blank lead - On our dev server I am testing this plugin out and finding that when calling the webhook through cur goodgreek Closed General Question
#2853 Where exactly is $bean->save(); - After a number of attempts to get this plugin to work, It may be down to the fact that I'm unfamilia bshaw Closed Bug?