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This plugins will help you to create a lead from Website. For example you have a website on which you are taking information of visitor. Then through the webhooks we can pass it to SuiteCRM. It will create a new lead in your SuiteCRM.

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#2853 - Where exactly is $bean->save();

Closed Bug? created by bshaw 2 months ago

After a number of attempts to get this plugin to work, It may be down to the fact that I'm unfamiliar with SuiteCRM and the BeanFactory logic, but I've dug into the code and do not see firstly any interpretation of the $_POST values, JSON decode, or anything that would take the values entered into an external form to be passed to the webhook URL.

I've also noticed if it does use the BeanFactory logic, there seems to be no save() method call.

Could you explain perhaps where I'm going wrong? After more research I actually feel that I've paid $49 for something that is incomplete and doesn't work further than the logic for the license activation.


  1. bshaw member avatar


    2 months ago

    Just to add to the above - I'm unable to recommend for anyone to purchase this as I did without some better documentation and explanation of the above points as I do not believe the product works. If the author can explain this, then I'll be happy to remove this warning to any potential purchasers.

    • suiteplugins member avatar

      SuitePlugins Provider

      one month ago

      Thanks bshaw for your attention. Actually file was replaced while uploading the addon. It was our mistake. We have corrected it.

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