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Fed up of not being able to find important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to tag your records to identify them instantly. Color coded tags make it even simpler to catch them. Through Tag Management for SuiteCRM, the user can handle large amounts of records with similar attributes or types. The user can also easily find any contents, important customer, important notes etc. through appropriate tagging.

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#527 - tagMe Mass Update

Closed Bug? created by rbehar 3 years ago

We have purchased the tagMe plugin and it works wonderfully. However, I cant seem to find the tagMe Mass Update when I want add tags to multiple contacts at once. How do I get that option?

  1. urdhvatech member avatar

    Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago


    Sorry for inconvenience. Do you have the correct permission on the custom/modules/logic_hooks.php file ? If you have correct permission on that file then can you check if following entry exist into your custom/modules/logic_hooks.php file ?

    $hook_array['after_ui_footer'][] = Array(199, 'TagMe Mass Update button in ListView', 'modules/UT_Tagme/logic_hooks/UT_TagmeHookHandler.php','UT_TagmeHookHandler', 'openTagMeMassUpdateDialogue');

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Urdhva Tech.

  2. urdhvatech member avatar

    Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hello Rajesh,

    Did you check the above comments ? Let us know, if you need any help regarding this.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Urdhva Tech.

  3. robdouglas member avatar

    robdouglas Verified Purchase

    2 years ago

    I had to add this line manually. Install didn't do it.

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