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Organize your data in a way that makes sense to you with Tag Cloud. Add tags to any module and use the global search tool to find all records with certain tags. Great for any business with tons of data.

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Tag Plugin Documentation

This plugin allows users to tag their annotations with keywords. Users can easily create tags from any tag-enabled modules (e.g. accounts) from detail view. Once the tag is created, it may then be related to other records such as meetings, cases, opportunities, and many others. One record can have multiple tags.

Key Product Features

Tag Cloud works for custom modules also.

  1. Enable/Disable modules from Admin Panel.It includes custom modules also.
  2. In modules,We can add/create Tags from Add Tag Button, enabled in Detail View.
  3. Created tags appear in left of ‘ADD TAGS’ button.
  4. On click of ‘tags’,it redirect to the Tags detailview.
  5. We can view all tag related records from tag detailview.
  6. Delete option is also there with the Tags. We can delete tags from there.
  7. The list of all tagged records can be viewed in Tag Cloud widget in Homepage.(The bigger the tag,more related records it will be related to).
  8. Tags colors are different from each other .
  9. On click of Tags (In Tag Cloud),We can view all tag related records through the pop-up.
  10. Global Searching for tag is also enabled in right most corner .
  11. The global searching is wildcard.
  12. Resultant records from search, user can redirect the related record’s detailview.

Admin Panel View of Tagging

FireShot Capture 1 - SuiteCRM_ - http___localhost_suite797_index.php.png

Tagging configuration

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(8).png

Add Tags (View from Enabled module detailview)

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(1).png

Add Tags (Create View)

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(2).png

View of Tags

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(3).png

Add Dashlet ‘Tags Cloud’

FireShot Capture 7 - SuiteCRM - http___localhost_suite797_index.php_module=Home_action=index.png

Here is the ‘Tags Cloud’

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(4).png

Tag related records through pop-up

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(9).png

Global Tag Searching

FireShot Capture 16 - SuiteCRM - http___localhost_suite797_index.php_module=Home_action=index.png

Global Search result

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(10).png

Tags Detailview

Screenshot-2017-12-28 SuiteCRM(11).png

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  • "Very easy to install and very intuitive. works very well and the support is phenominal." - nzi200779

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