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Zoom provides videotelephony and online chat services for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations. Now you can combine the ease of Zoom communications with your CRM. This add-on helps users create Zoom meetings from SuiteCRM and start new meetings with just one click.

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#3861 Zoom authorization with http link not working - requires https - Hi, I tried to setup zoom integration. When I try to authenticate I get an error with bad request, jola Closed Installation
#3831 Attendance Tracking - Hi, Is it possible to Only allow the Invitees invited from SuiteCRM to join the ZOOM Meeting and Ronakkatial Closed Feature
#3480 Meeting Creation only with master account - We´re using the Zoom Integration Plugin but it seems that all meetings get created by the master ac svenkellputt Closed Bug?
  • "After a few hick-ups at first now the Plugin works pretty good and just do what it´s supposed to." - svenkellputt

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