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#2094 - Where is the 'From' number set

Open General Question created by info67 about a year ago


Having a few challenges setting up. I have a registered mobile number (+61421XXXXX7) and purchased number via Twillio. However, the log indicates a different "From" number is being used. It's very similar but includes additional 0's as shown below. I've looked everywhere but can't find where this number is being retrieved from. Can you advise? Is it Twillio or the SuiteCRM User account?

Sun Jul 14 7:30:42 CDT 2019 [LOG]: [FATAL]: 21212 : [HTTP 400] Unable to create record: The 'From' number 0061042XXXXXX7 is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.

  1. tactionsoftware member avatar

    TechEsperto Solutions LLC. Provider

    about a year ago

    Hi ,

    Was you face the same problem at the installation as well as ,we have tried at our ens as well but we are not getting the error so request you please share the screenshot with us to under the problem and resolve it as soon as please.

    Thanks and Regards
    Techesperto Solution

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