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Create a round robin assignment rule in SuiteCRM, so new leads can be automatically distributed in a rotational manner that’s equal for members of your sales team.

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#3202 Not Working for me on MAMP - Hi, I am trying out this add on for our new suiteCRM project. It doesn't seem to be working fo lalitrane Closed Bug?
#3007 not working - new leads can not be automatically distributed 1124551225 Closed Bug?
#3006 not working - SuiteCRM 7.11.15, VIRoundRobinAssignment-2.0-Version7.11, language:Chinese , Not working!! 1124551225 Closed Bug?
#2752 Round robin is echo in javascript - online / offline echo is causing other javascripts to stop working. Can you please disable them? Power Choice Closed Bug?