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To view an uploaded document in SuiteCRM, the user has to download the document from SuiteCRM to the local machine and then the user has to open the document using an application. If the application to view the document is not available, the user has to find and Install it. We ease this process by introducing – Preview Document for SuiteCRM

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#1726 - Error in previewing the Document file

Closed Bug? created by rdprasadravi Verified Purchase a year ago

Document Edited from Related Subpanel, filename not getting saved.

Clicking on Eye Icon under File is giving following error
"Error retrieving record. This record may be deleted or you may not be authorized to view it."

Clicking on Eye Icon is gibing following error:
An error occurred
We're sorry, but for some reason we can't open this for you.
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  1. blackant member avatar

    Blackant Solutions Provider

    a year ago


    Can you able to download the file? If not, then the document is missing from the uploads directory.

    If there is no document in the uploads, preview won't work.

    Confirm and let us know.


  2. blackant member avatar

    Blackant Solutions Provider

    3 months ago

    Hi Ravi,

    I am closing the issue for now. If you face any issue or have questions, feel free to open a new case or contact us via email -


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