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To view an uploaded document in SuiteCRM, the user has to download the document from SuiteCRM to the local machine and then the user has to open the document using an application. If the application to view the document is not available, the user has to find and Install it. We ease this process by introducing – Preview Document for SuiteCRM

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2125 I'm not able to view documents. - Hi, I just installed it since 2 days. However, I'm not able to view documents. I can see the eye s jlbebey Closed Bug?
#1726 Error in previewing the Document file - Document Edited from Related Subpanel, filename not getting saved. Clicking on Eye Icon under rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#1612 Related List View does not show preview - What I meant was the Related List View does now show the preview icon ![download.png](https://sto rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#1611 Preview Icon is not showing in subpanel - The preview icon is not showing in Document Subpanels rdprasadravi Closed Feature
#1607 Error while previewing - When previewing a document, getting the below error. An error occurred We're sorry, but for som rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#1522 Installation Problem - After installation, the preview icon does not appear. Using Suite R theme. Suite Version 7.8.16. Grace Christian University Closed Installation
#919 Opens empty pop-up window - Just installed you add-on. When I click on the preview icon for .docx of .pdf files there opens a po pvzijl Closed Bug?
#902 Support for customised document module - Hi, may I know if Preview Document is supported for the Document module that has slight alterations alantan Closed General Question
#784 Experiencing problems with your plugin - Hi, I boughtyou plugin few days ago and just installed it. However, I'm not able to view documents. Roland W. K. Closed Bug?
#699 only pdf? - Hello team, As per the documentation images we can only see pdf document preview? does this suppo bodhi.sharma Closed General Question