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Kanban is a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. Now your business can quickly see visuals of sales funnel stages and other day-to-day functions for tasks, cases, invoices and custom modules while working in SuiteCRM.

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#4432 - Page must fully load before records of a short column are show, when long columns are present

Closed Bug? created by 4 months ago

Hiya, We have some columns that are quite long - 100+ records. When we first turn on KanBan view, some columns appear empty. However, when you scroll down the length of the page and then back to the top, the columns are properly populated. Is there a way to change how the page loads, so that it loads fully without scrolling? Or is there a better solution/suggestion? Thank you!

  1. saeed member avatar

    Helfertech Provider

    3 months ago

    Hi May Lee,

    Sorry for the delay. We couldn't get back to you early due to the national holidays in our country. We appreciate your patience. Thank you for letting us know about the issue. We have fixed the issue. Now all the records will load before you scroll the page. New version V6 has been uploaded to the store. Please install the latest package.

    Thank you

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