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Kanban is a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. Now your business can quickly see visuals of sales funnel stages and other day-to-day functions for tasks, cases, invoices and custom modules while working in SuiteCRM.

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#4319 - Non-admin users cannot see Kanban views

Closed Bug? created by 6 months ago

I am having the same issue as and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling version 4. In the User matrix, my target user has all permissions for all modules (I am assuming this is "KB - Categories" in the matrix)

  1. May-Lee member avatar

    6 months ago

    clarification: The one-time .zip download has the file named V5 but in the module loader, it is listed as V4

    • saeed member avatar

      Helfertech Provider

      6 months ago

      Hi May Lee,

      Thank you for letting us know about the listed version. We really appreciate this, It has been fixed and uploaded. About your query that non-admin users cannot see kanban views, we have tested and confirmed that it's working. Kindly check it again. If you still face the problem, can you please share the video with us? so that we can understand and fix the problem.

      Thank you

    • May-Lee member avatar

      6 months ago

      This is the link that is shared with the rest of my team: And the error that they get is: "you do not have access to this area, contact your site administrator to obtain access"

  2. saeed member avatar

    Helfertech Provider

    6 months ago


    Can you please check the related users have appopriate access(Not Disabled) in role they have assigned. Please see attached screenshot.

    kanban issue.PNG

    If you still facing issues regarding this, can you please share system access at so that we could assist you to resolve this as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  3. May-Lee member avatar

    6 months ago

    When I try to create a Role, the Kanban Views row does not show up. It seems that all other modules are listed. Same when I look at the permissions set for the individuals in question.

  4. saeed member avatar

    Helfertech Provider

    6 months ago

    Please follow the steps to resolve the issues:

    1- Go to Admin panel.


    2- Find 'Repair' under 'Admin Tools'.


    3- Click on 'Quick Repair and Rebuild'.


    4- Click on 'Repair Roles'


    If the issue still persists, we would be needing access to your system to look into the problem. In that case, please share your credentials at

    Thank you

  5. May-Lee member avatar

    6 months ago

    Thank you, that worked!

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