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Electronic signatures provide a binding way to authenticate a document. It can also be quite the process to attach an encoded signature to an electronic document. We have simplified this in SuiteCRM with an easy-to-use electronic signature capture and embed tool. No need for any external signing software.

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#1406 - Plugins working together - custom work

Closed Feature created by InfinityInternational a year ago


We are EngageCRM UK and we work on many different projects for SuiteCRM

Our client has requested the ability for digital signatures within the CRM itself - We need your plugin

Currently we generate our documents using -

Do you think it would be possible if we work together to get these plugins integrated so it can generate the signature?? - (please send me a quote for the cost for additional work)

I will leave this comment on the other plugin

  1. BrainvireInfotech member avatar

    Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd Provider

    a year ago


    Thank you for sharing your requirements.

    In this plugin we have developed eSignature of sales person and then sharing of contracts and agreement but if you wish to access eSignature then we can also make customization in the same. Let’s do a quick call where we discuss on how to customize as per your requirements.

    Do share your convenient timings and we can share online conference details and Google calendar invitation.

  2. t member avatar


    a year ago

    Hi Apologies first comment was made through a client login! - sorry Infinity International :)

    I am Taufique from EngageCRM!

    I am available anytime - please contact me on Skype

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