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Keep track of your remote meetings in SuiteCRM? See your meetings and plan routes visually by using this map add-on. Display all of your meetings on a map right from your Calendar.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#1431 No Data - Hello, We believe we have set this up right but we are getting 'no data' when we view the maps on t RichardGreenscape Open Bug?
#1140 Missing Close Button on Popup - Hi, When I open up the map and select routes, this works fine. However, when I select a location, brendanbell Open Bug?
#445 Doug Richardson - util.js:220 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys drichardson Open Bug?
#378 Version? - What is the latest version? Recently the map stopped showing my meetings.... tmartin Open General Question
#98 usage on an iPad - I'm using full web page on an iPad and the map doesnt appear to show up or display anything like it tsmofeire Open Bug?