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#2722 - Uniue Marketing List From Multiple Sources

Open General Question created by nicw 2 years ago

Hello Izertis, Can you advise if it possible to create unique target lists with your extensions where list data comes from multiple sources (Targets, Contacts, Accounts etc.) and where duplicate records may exist in say Targets and Contacts? i.e. I want a unique list without duplication. Many thanks, Nic

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    2 years ago


    Yes, it is possible to do what you want. Please read the user guide carefully to see all the possibilities of the component.


    • nicw member avatar


      2 years ago

      Thank you for responding. I did indeed read the guide, however, it was not clear how this issue would be clearly handled. I'll take another look.

    • nicw member avatar


      2 years ago

      In your guide, dated 2015 you say on page 6 (the only mention of duplication);

      "By default, SugarCRM© adds the contacts no duplicated to marketing lists, but it doesn’t have rules to exclude obsolete contacts."

      Ok, so you are saying that SuiteCRM does not add duplicate contacts - right?

      However, digging into this further;

      1. SuiteCRM leaves Targets in the Target list when converting them into Leads (created a copy) so this is the first time a potential duplication could occur unless manually entered.
      2. The SuiteCRM Targets module doesn’t have a “find duplicates function”.
      3. The SuiteCRM Campaign module does suppress duplicate sending to the same email address (from within SuiteCRM), however as we do a lot of offline or direct mail marketing and there does not seem to be a simple method to suppress those and the Target Lists that would be generated from them.

      From what I can tell, the only way to avoid duplication (as described above) would be to create a more complex SQL query that compares field values in different modules (excluding duplicates) when generating the Target List.

      Have I understood correctly?

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