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The Advanced Audit Log add-on goes beyond standard SuiteCRM auditing, enabling you to audit field values as well as the relationship log or history. This solution delivers more complete information, from field history tracking to relational data changes, plus an option to export the audit log.

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#5328 - Does this plugin fully testing and working on SuiteCRM 7.14.2

In Progress General Question created by gairys Verified Purchase one month ago

Hello, I been back and forth with our support team in regards to upgrading SuiteCRM to 7.14.2 and they are say there are issue with this plug-in can you confirm that there are any issues?

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    Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

    one month ago


    Upon thorough examination, we've verified that there are no issues with the mentioned version. Could you kindly inquire about the specific issue they're encountering? We're committed to collaborating to resolve it promptly, especially if it pertains solely to your instance.

    Feel free to contact us via Skype at urdhvatech

    Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

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  • "very helpful tool , able to print the log of any record, in more readable way and quick support" - mmaamar

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