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YouCanBook Webhook Configuration

Follow the below steps.

[Step 1]

Login into your account and click on this link. Click on number in which you want to configure webhook URL. Setting1.png

[Step 2]

Now, Click on Notification. YNotifications.png

[Step 3]

You need to configure the below URL in webhook. Note:- Change with your CRM URL.

We are configuring a webhook for new booking so same way you have to add for rescheduled and cancelled.



>> Click on Webhook.


>> Configure like below image


Use below Payload and you can add other fields as well

Booking created API call Payload { "startsAt": "{START-LOCAL-DATE}", "endsAt": "{END-LOCAL-TIME}", "timeZone": "{TIMEZONE}", "firstName": "{FNAME}", "lastName": "{LNAME}","email": "{EMAIL}" , "description" : "{DESCRIPTION}","ref":"{REF}","created" : "{CREATED}","start":"{START}","end":"{END}"}

Booking cancelled API call Payload { "startsAt": "{START-LOCAL-DATE}", "endsAt": "{END-LOCAL-TIME}", "timeZone": "{TIMEZONE}", "firstName": "{FNAME}", "email": "{EMAIL}", "cancelledAt": "{CANCELLED-AT}", "cancelledBy": "{CANCELLED-BY}","ref":"{REF}","description":"{DESCRIPTION}"}

Booking rescheduled API call Payload { "startsAt": "{START-LOCAL-DATE}", "endsAt": "{END-LOCAL-TIME}", "timeZone": "{TIMEZONE}", "firstName": "{FNAME}", "email": "{EMAIL}", "rescheduledAt": "{RESCHEDULED-AT}", "rescheduledBy": "{RESCHEDULED-BY}","description":"{DESCRIPTION}","ref":"{REF}","created" : "{CREATED}","start":"{START}","end":"{END}"}

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