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Never miss scheduling an appointment or seizing a new business opportunity when you connect with SuiteCRM for real-time calendar syncing. Sync your event invitation into SuiteCRM as a meeting and save your invitee as a contact record, plus many more useful features.

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User Guide is online software that helps you effortlessly schedule meetings and appointments. It's designed to help professionals, freelancers, and business owners better manage their appointments and never miss a sales opportunity. helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. All actions sync in SuiteCRM.

Sync your events Invitation into SuiteCRM as a Meeting, and if the Invitee email is found in Accounts, Leads or Contacts, it will relate a meeting with them. Otherwise, a new contact record will be created.


Scheduled, Re-Scheduled & Canceled Event - Triggers when an Invitee schedules or reschedules an event - Creates Contact if no email is found in Leads, Accounts, or Contacts modules and Meeting in SuiteCRM - Triggers when an Invitee cancels a scheduled event and will update the Meeting record in SuiteCRM respectively


  • Syncs all new events scheduled or rescheduled
  • Automatically creates the meetings and contact from events
  • Updates the canceled or rescheduled events

Check the Contact and Meeting created and related information.


If the Invitee creates or reschedules a meeting, it will create a Meeting record in SuiteCRM with details.


If the Invitee cancels a meeting, it will update a Meeting record in SuitCRM with details.


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