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Telegram Integration allows your SuiteCRM Leads, Contacts, and Opportunity records to send and receive messages with Telegram Bot from the CRM itself.

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Telegram Integration User’s Guide has been developed to assist management, system admin and users. Telegram Integration extension allows you to Send and Receive messages in Telegram Bot using SuiteCRM.


  • User needs to send a Message from Telegram Bot to start conversion with SuiteCRM(Contacts, Leads and Opportunity Records).
  • Once a user sends a message from Telegram Bot to SuiteCRM for the first time, it’ll create records in the Module which is selected in the Telegram Integration configuration page.
  • SuiteCRM user can start conversion with Telegram Bot from Records Detailview of particular module
  • Users can send and receive simple Text Message, images(JPG, JPEG & PNG), Attachment as a PDF from SuiteCRM to Telegram Bot and Vice Versa.
  • Also send messages with module fields and general fields using workflow action(Send Telegram Message). Once workflow triggers Message will be sent to that Telegram Bot.
  • Supported Standard Modules such as Leads, Contacts and Opportunity.

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