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PDF Creator for SuiteCRM is a powerful add-on for generating business PDFs, capturing electronic signatures, and automating related processes. Quickly create proposals, contracts, cases, quotes, invoices and other necessary docs while working in your CRM.

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PDFCreator User’s Guide has been developed to assist management, system admin and users. PDFCreator extension allows you to Generate PDF of Created Templates from Configuration Page of PDF Creator Module.


  • PDFCreator allows you to Enable/Disable PDFCreator Extension feature from the Configuration Page.
  • Able to Create New Templates for particular modules from PDFCreator Configuration.
  • Able to Copy Existing Templates for particular modules from PDFCreator Configuration
  • PDFCreator contains the Default Template Gallery for Invoices/Quotes Module using which you can create templates.
  • Display the PDFCreator Button on Record Detail View of the Activated Module for PDFCreator.
  • Allow users to export the PDF using PDFCreator Template by clicking on PDFCreator Button from Record Detail View.
  • Allow users to sign the Document before Sending the Email to Contacts/Prospect or Export PDF with Signature.
  • Once the users sign the Document, it'll be attached against a particular module record.
  • PDFCreator contains properties of the PDF like PDF Size, Orientation, Password Protected, Watermark, etc.
  • Able to add Product block with Group and without Group of Line Items for Inventory Modules(Quotes/Invoice).
  • Able to share PDF Creator Templates to particular User/Group Users from the Configuration Page.
  • PDFCreator Extension adds a new Action as “Send Email using PDFCreator” in Workflow.
  • PDFCreator extension allows you to send Email of all types of Templates to users through the Workflow which you have configured during the PDF Creator Configuration.
  • Active/Inactive Status of PDFCreator Configuration to apply Configuration for Selected Primary Module.

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