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Email verification can really improve email deliverability. Success of any email marketing program largely depends on its email deliverability. No longer get fake email addresses & hard bounces. You can verify email addresses when editing records and even do bulk verifications from the list view.

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Installation Guide

Please Follow the below Steps for Installation of the addon.

  1. Goto ADMINISTRATION Panel and click on Module Loader. mod_load.png

  2. Choose the addon Zip file for installation and click on upload. upload.png

  3. After File is uploaded, Click on Install. install.png
  4. Please read SLA before continue.
  5. Click on Accept and commit. license.png
  6. The last step, Please be a check that addon installed successfully. successinstall.png Now, Goto Admin Guide for further configuration. In case found any problem while installation please email us at
  1. happinessebedo member avatar


    a year ago

    I have carried out the integration but I get a "never" error every time I try to validate email.

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  • "Excellent plugin with extremely fast and competent support. Can't believe we've lived without this plugin for so long. It is so simple, quick and easy..." - donkennedy

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