Here is a tool that will take an email address and verify if it is valid using QuickEmailVerification, a third party verification service. Works from both the record view and in bulk on the list view. Verifying addresses will help reduce spam complaints along with hard bounces. The QuickEmailVerification service is free to get started.

Highlevel Overview

Email verification can really improve email deliverability. Success of any email marketing program largely depends on its email deliverability.) No longer get fake email addresses & hard bounces. You can verify email addresses when editing records and even do bulk verifications from the list view.

Verify Any Email

Works great when editing a record or on the list view. When editing, enter an email address and move to the next field. It will then automatically verify the address and notify you of the result.

Verify Email Address in SuiteCRM

Track When Last Verified

See when an email address was last verified on any record.

Track When Last Verified

To learn more about this solution go to Email Verification Integration or search for "verify".

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