Highlevel Overview

As a sales professional, you likely spend the majority of your time interacting with contacts through emails every day. If you are using Gmail as your email platform, there is good news: the Gmail Chrome Tool for SuiteCRM can help make your email communication easier! Developed by Variance InfoTech, you can now connect Gmail with your SuiteCRM leads, contacts, and accounts.

Gmail Chrome Tool for SuiteCRM create contact

How it Works

Despite the presence of CRM integrations with Gmail, sales teams across the globe still heavily rely on Gmail to connect with prospects and are also likely to use Chrome.

Gmail Chrome Tool for SuiteCRM email search

Relevant information such as contact information, recent activities, notes, tasks, and the related list will all be visible on the sidebar. This will help you get a better overview about your prospects before sending them emails.

Gmail Chrome Tool for SuiteCRM contact info

This is a great extension for you to manage all your 360-degree view of contacts from your Gmail account.


  • Summary information of contact directly from Gmail Chrome Tool for SuiteCRM
  • One-click save contact from Gmail
  • Attach email directly to contact from Gmail
  • Find contact directly by selecting email from email body
  • 360-degree view of SuiteCRM customer from inside Gmail
  • Quickly create related records of SuiteCRM from Gmail Chrome Tool

Video Overview

To learn more about this solution, go to Gmail Chrome Tool for SuiteCRM or search for "Gmail."

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