SuiteCRM Community Survey Now Open Until August 31

SalesAgility, creators of the SuiteCRM platform, just announced that their Summer 2021 SuiteCRM Community Survey is open and ready for your feedback. We're sharing this news with our marketplace sellers, partners, and customers so your answers can make a difference in improving the future of the open-source CRM.

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"As an open-source project, it’s vital that we engage with our community’s needs and feedback towards, not only the project itself but the involvement surrounding it. This survey will aim to explore the views and experiences of our SuiteCRM community members when interacting with the project, its teams, and other members." – SalesAgility Team

Quick Facts

  • Goal is to further improve community platforms and provide a more enriching experience for members
  • SalesAgility will pledge £250 to the open-source collective’s most nominated OS project by our community members
  • Survey is open and accepting your feedback until August 31, 2021
  • Survey results will be made public alongside the proposed actions based on the feedback; the winner of the most nominated open-source collective award will also be announced

Learn More

You are welcome to visit the official SuiteCRM blog post to learn more, or get immediate access to the survey here.

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