Highlevel Overview

Get upfront access to your favorite SuiteCRM accounts, opportunities, and much more.

If you are heavily using SuiteCRM Favorites, this new Favorites Dashlet add-on developed by NS-Team will allow you to display your favorite data right on your home page, helping save time and multiple clicks to access the right information.

Favorites Dashlet for SuiteCRM

How it works

You can configure to display all of your favorite records, or only records for selected modules. In addition to being able to view or edit the record, the more information button opens a pop-up with additional details:

Favorites Dashlet for SuiteCRM address pop-up

You have the option to create dashlets for selected modules only. Here, you can configure the dashlet and filter the module.

Favorites Dashlet for SuiteCRM enabling for select modules

For example, you can create a "Favorite Accounts" dashlet and a "Favorite Opportunities" dashlet. If you select only one module, you can hide the module field on the top right of the configuration page.

Favorites Dashlet for SuiteCRM favorite accounts module

To learn more about this solution, go to Favorites Dashlet or search for "favorites."

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