It is challenging to go to an opportunity or a lead and see what activity recently happened and in what order. For example, was an email sent last or was a call just scheduled? It is hard to determine at first look. You have to go through each subpanel and figure it out yourself.

All of that hassle is solved with the new History Time Line View. You can see all of that information immediately. Saves time and gets you important information right away.

Highlevel Overview

See everything in a single timeline view which helps you to keep track of key business events and gives you the means to specify what exactly constitutes a key business event for your company. Best of all, it works great on all devices. Get even more value by tracking and displaying key business events that matter to your specific business.

See What Matters

Find out quickly when you last contacted someone, if an email was sent, if that call was scheduled, and so on.

SuiteCRM Timeline Dashle

Open the Drawer

The timeline view will always be there for you when you need it. Just open the drawer in the bottom right corner:

SuiteCRM Timeline View

To learn more about this solution go to History Time Line or search for "History".

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