Highlevel Overview

With the User Activity Tracker add-on by Verity Infotech, you can keep track of your SuiteCRM users’ daily activities. This includes: login and logout actions, creating new records, updating existing records, deleting records with user’s IP, and more helpful options. Supports all custom modules.

Key Features

  • Track User Login
  • Track User Logout
  • Track Record Inserted
  • Track Record Updated
  • Track Record Deleted
  • Track Record Viewed
  • Track Restored Record
  • Restore Deleted Record
  • One-click to go to filter record from Chart

How it Works

One click on chart to track user activity

The below chart is clickable and available for admin users only. If you click on any section, it will apply record with filter. Activity Tracker add-on for SuiteCRM dashlet

Dashlet Chart with filter

Activity Tracker add-on for SuiteCRM dashlet with filter

ListView of User Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker add-on for SuiteCRM ListView

To learn more about this solution, go to User Activity Tracker or search for "track activity."

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