Records Queue displays a Kanban view of highly important records, such as records recently created, modified or assigned to users. This plugin helps sales and marketing teams stay focused on the current details of records, so business efficiency increases.

Highlevel Overview

Developed by Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd, Records Queue is an important extension for teams to quickly view important records and manage business with the best next steps. Records Queue displays in a Kanban view for users to easily see selected fields.

View of records page

Records Queue is a simple and smart extension that mainly displays time-based information for records.

  1. Records Queue can list the latest record created, modified or assigned for a predefined time, as in the last few minutes, hours, days or weeks.

  2. Records Queue can list a record in Kanban view where birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates take place today, this week or this month.


  • Create multiple configurations of records queue for single module
  • Have a centralized list of pending work that needs attention
  • Sort records by type or by the people assigned to complete them
  • Records Queue can be shown from Listview or Sidebar Menu Action depending on configuration
  • Records Queue can be configured for Specific Timing or Custom Timing and additional conditions can be added for each field


To learn more about this solution, go to Records Queue or search for "records."

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