Highlevel Overview

Calendly is a popular scheduling and time management software that allows users to share meeting links easily with others while also managing their schedule. This avoids the everyday hassle of going back and forth to arrange a suitable time for all parties involved in the meeting.

The team at RT Dynamic just launched RT Calendly, a new integration that ensures your SuiteCRM calendar stores your Calendly meetings. Users can then manage their schedule directly from the CRM while also taking advantage of Calendly's usability and features.

RT Calendly Integration for SuiteCRM

Key Product Features

Sync Events

With RT Calendly, all the events you schedule on Calendly will be synced to your SuiteCRM calendar. Taking advantage of the simplicity of the Suite Calendar module, you can see all your scheduled events as well as free time slots without having to move away from the CRM environment.

Add Invitees to Your Contacts List

Any and all invitees that have been added to a Calendly event are added to your CRM as contacts. If an invitee's email already exists in your Contacts, all new meetings are linked to the pre-existing record. Grow your contact list and generate leads faster by combining the power of Calendly and SuiteCRM.

Sync Meeting Records

Each Calendly meeting is not only added to your CRM calendar, it also shows up in the Meetings module. The meeting is also visible in each invited Contact's detail view under Activities.

Instant Updates

Any changes made to a Calendly event are instantly updated on CRM, and a notification is generated for the CRM user. This allows you to keep on top of your schedule without needing to leave the CRM.

To learn more about this solution, go to RT Calendly or search for "Calendly."

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