Highlevel Overview

While the Advanced Open Reports (AOR) module built into SuiteCRM works well for your basic reporting needs, it does not allow users to do certain functions very easily. For example, if your business hosts events on a regular basis, you would want to know how many events your contacts have attended in the last year, or another set timeframe. Due to the current way attendance information is stored in SuiteCRM, you cannot filter by only contacts marked as attended in the reporter.

Developed by IceStar Media, the Report Enhancer add-on goes beyond the existing SuiteCRM reporting module, enabling users to add custom SQL to reports and view the formatted SQL statement.

How it Works

Once Report Enhancer is installed, the module provides a text box where you can manually add your custom SQL to the report. This add-on allows you to further filter by fields that the current AOR module does not allow you to filter by (for example, the Events Invite/Acceptance status).

Events Report Contacts Attended Pre Tweak

report-enhancer_Events Report - SQL Tweak.png

Additionally, the Report Enhancer add-on provides an analysis mode for the reporting editor, allowing you to view the SQL that will be run. All SQL is cleanly formatted for ease of review.

Reports Additional Button

To learn more about this solution, go to Report Enhancer or search for "reporting."

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