Highlevel Overview

Slack helps keep your team in the loop with open communication and automatic notifications from the multiple apps your team uses. Now, you can add SuiteCRM to the list of connected platforms. Variance Infotech developed the Slack Integration for SuiteCRM to help users directly connect with members of the team on Slack for various activities.

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1) Send message from assigned user, logged-in user, or user 2) Send message to individual user or Slack channel 3) Send message to security groups user 4) Send message to user with some style effects (bold, italic, strike) 5) Supports all standard and custom SuiteCRM modules

Video Tutorial

How it Works

SuiteCRM Slack Integration is implemented through a workflow process. So on every update of any records within any modules, it will notify Slack.

Slack Integration for SuiteCRM configuration

Database Compatibility


Easy install and set up

See more about how it works in our User Guide

To learn more about this solution, go to Slack Integration or search for "slack."

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